RVG in Dentistry
RVG in Dentistry
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Sharpen your diagnostic ability with RVG in dentistry; enhance your diagnostic capabilities
with advanced technologies. RVG stands for Radio VisioGraphy and this technology is used
as an alternative to X-ray radiography in dentistry. While 90% of the treatments are blind
procedures, RVG in dentistry ensure high-quality dental treatment to your patients. 
RVG in Dental Procedures
Use RVG sensors for better image quality and durability. RVG in dentistry is a hermetically
sealed sensor with a waterproof housing that allows various applications. It has a shock
protection layer that protects the sensor from drops and bites. The combination of fiber
optics, high-sensitivity scintillator, and high-resolution rugged CMOS detector helps these
RVG sensors to achieve high-quality images. 

How to Use RVG in Dentistry?
RVG has a reactive and non-reactive side. The reactive side is used for taking images and the
tissue is exposed to X-ray radiation. The light refracted is captured by the sensor. While
using RVG in dental procedures, the image is processed instantly and converted into digital
data using Analog to Digital converters. The digital data is sent back to your computer and
you can view the scan instantly. The cable attachment is located at the inactive side of the
When non-reactive side is exposed to the X-ray, you cannot view the image. Instead, to
transfer the image to the computer, the sensor has a USB and it should be connected to the
back of the PC. The X-ray generator should operate between 60kV to 70kV; it’s not
compatible with generators that operate at a voltage less than 60kV. 
While using RVG in dental procedure, if the image appears too dark decrease the exposure
time or if suppose the image appears grainy increase the exposure time. X-ray generator
model also affects the image quality.
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Why Do you Need an RVG in Dentistry?
 Minimized Radiation
Exposure to X-rays can cause a multitude of harmful effects to your patients. The biological
effects of radiation may lead from simple health conditions to more dangerous conditions.
With the help of RVG in dentistry, it reduces the amount of radiation on patients. 
 Quick Results
As you grow your dental space, time becomes the most valuable factor. Having your patients
for long period creates a negative impression on you and your dental clinic. So, use RVG in
dentistry to increase efficiency and save time by optimizing the process. 
 High-Quality Grey Scale
Most of the diagnostic difference may not be conspicuous to the human eye. RVG in
dentistry gives a great level of contrast allowing demarcation of the type of tissue visible on
the radiograph. Digital radiographs have superior grey-scale resolution and help in
identifying the pathological changes. 
 Post Processing Capability
Imagine your patient is exposed to lot of unnecessary radiation or in certain cases, spending
more time to process the X-ray film, only to rectify an angulation error or processing error.
The RVG in dentistry helps you to avoid processing errors. Use RVG and get access to a
wide range of post-processing options. 

 Patient Attitude
Your patients generally don’t have a clear idea about the dental procedures. RVG in dental
looks unique from traditional conventional films. Your patients are often amazed at the image
processing speed and they could see quick images magnified and focused. 
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Best RVG in Dentistry
We have seen numerous use of technology in the current world. In that case, RVG in
dentistry or digital radiography embrace all the benefits by providing minimal harm to the
patient and assistant. 
The average RVG dental price varies according to different brands. Some of the popular
brands are, Vatech RVG, MyRay ZenX Intraoral, Medix Automatic, Woodpecker RVG I
Sensor, etc. 
Buying an RVG in dentistry might be a heavy investment, but the benefits gained over time
are valuable. 
So, are you ready to purchase an RVG right now? Ensure better diagnosis with best RVG in