Koden Reverse Pull Head Gear Face Mask

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Reverse pull headgear face mask is a unique orthodontic device used to treat class III malocclusions. It works effectively by pulling the mandible forward thereby it can catch up the growth of maxilla. Reverse pull face mask is a complete package with face mask, mouth yoke and other attachment appliances. It’s an effective treatment option with guaranteed results. Hence, choose our quality products for incredible results.

Product Name: KODEN Reverse Pull Head Gear Face Mask

Commodity: Orthodontic Reverse Pull Head Gear Face Mask

Manufactured by: Kck Dental Pvt. Ltd. 11/538, Pk Commercial Complex, Cherooty Rd, Kozhikode, Kerala 673032

Customer Care#04954050896

Qty:- 1 units Of Reverse Pull Head Gear Face Mask

Made in India


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