Best Oral Care Products Recommended By Industry Experts
A healthy smile brings in great confidence and refreshes your thoughts. Impress your patients with the best oral care products in the industry. We help in achieving that confident smile with a set of basic teeth cleaning tools. Oral care prevents unhealthy plaque buildup, worst conditions leading to oral cancer and a great solution for bad breath. So, keep your dental labs or clinics advanced with these oral hygiene products.

So, suggest the best oral care products for your patients and make it effective in their oral hygiene routine. Take a look at the popular oral health care products recommended by industry experts,


The toothbrush plays a significant role in oral care. Suggest the best toothbrush for your patients with the small-to-medium sized brush head and soft to medium bristles. TePe soft brush is a top brand with nylon filaments and round ends. The toothbrush has two-level filament design. It’s a great choice to clean up the entire tooth with a flexible head and non-slip thumb pad. So, prevent your patients from using hard bristles and suggest them to move on with soft bristles for regular brushing. Also, recommend the best Oral care toothpaste for effective teeth cleaning.

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Toothbrush for kids

Getting kids to brush is a challenging task, so advise the best kids’ toothbrush for your patients. TePe Kids’ toothbrush is specially designed with round-ended filaments for gentle cleaning purposes. Blisters are soft enough for children from 3 years or above.

Dental Floss

Dental Floss is one of the best oral health care products recommended by experts. Put forward the best dental floss tape form the TePe brand!! It makes flossing easy with a flat design to slide over huge gaps. A toothbrush is not sufficient enough to clear out the minute particles trapped between teeth. So, suggest TePe dental floss for effective food removal and gum disease.

TePe Dental tape is one of the best oral care products brands with wide tape and waxed floss. Dental floss tape has a flat design for easy plaque removal. The floss is highly durable and waxed. Advice your patients to floss at least once in 24 hours for healthy teeth and gum!

Inter-dental Brush

Inter-dental brushes improve your patient’s oral care routine. Understand your patients’ needs and advocate according to it. The interdental brush is an effective choice for your patients who find it difficult to use dental floss. TePe Inter-dental brushes are usually thin with a round or cone shape. The brush has a small head with wire bristles. It’s specially designed to reach teeth roots and clear out the food particles.

The interdental brush is highly recommended to remove plaques between bridges, dentures, implants, and gums. Suggest this brush choice for people with large teeth gaps where flossing is not a better solution. Dental clinics have different color-coded sizes that fit in narrow or wide teeth gaps. The interdental brush is one of the best oral health care products recommended by dental experts.

Mousse Plus

Mousse plus is a popular oral care product advised for your patients. Mousse Plus is a universally accepted treatment for re-mineralization in adults. Suggest this water-based crème with fluoride content for your adult patients.

TePe supplies original and high-quality Mousse plus that can be applied daily. The fluoride level is similar to the adult-strength toothpaste. Get the best tooth mousse plus from one of the top oral care product brands.

EasyPick Blister

TePe Easy Pick blister is a modern toothpick. It’s highly recommended by industry experts for instant teeth cleaning. Suggest this small pocket-friendly blister for your patients who require more traveling at work.

TePe EasyPick blister has a sleek design that effectively cleans between teeth gaps. It’s a flexible and durable material available in two conical sizes. The blister is specially designed in collaboration with dental professionals to facilitate fast cleaning. Get high-quality EasyPick blister from one of the top oral care products brands!!

There are plenty of oral care products recommended by industry experts. Suggest high-quality oral products for your patients. TePe brand provides a range of oral hygiene products like tongue scrapers, mouth wash, oral care toothpaste, teeth whiteners and lots more to make your treatment effective!!