3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Dental Industry

Dental 3D printing is a flourishing industry that is expected to meet $930 million by the end of 2025. 3D printing includes a variety of materials and its dental application is boundless. 

Over the past few decades, several significant manufacturing has reached different sectors and industries. They subsequently offer important advantages in terms of cost, productivity, customization and lead times. In dentistry, technology creates solutions adapted to the specific needs of patients.

Dental professionals and the rise of 3D printing

Dental 3D printers display highly accurate results with the most common technologies including stereolithography and digital light processing. Resins vary depending upon the type of application. Specialized resins are created for 3D printers. 3D printers bring out a new level of speed and replace old procedures effortlessly. 

Dentists have found countless ways to implement 3D printing in their applications. 3D printing assures large improvements over previous technologies and currently popular among dental professionals.

Dental Crowns

Crown replaces the broken part of a tooth. The usual method is highly time – consuming and expensive too. Dental 3D printing is capable of fixing this issue within minutes and assures smart recovery of a broken tooth. 

Now, the doctor scans the broken part of the tooth and uses software to create the exact crown model. It’s easy to carve out the crown from porcelain with a special resin or CNC technology. This reduces the length of treatment from several weeks to a maximum of 30 minutes or an hour. It’s a cheaper solution for both dentists and patients. 

Night Guards and Aligners

Transparent aligners and night guards are the most common applications of 3D printing. Aligners replace braces and highly popular because of their invisibility. The process starts by scanning the patient’s teeth and using software to generate a 3D model of their teeth. Now, the model is essentially adjusted towards the patient’s teeth to create an aligner. 

3D printing improves the natural speed of producing night guards and aligners. It takes a few hours to produce the whole batch. Each product is accurate and customized according to the precise scan results of the patient’s teeth. Highly adopted technology by companies, labs and doctors!!

Surgical Guide

Effective and precise oral surgeries with the help of 3D printing!! 3D printing has made precision easy and perfectly designed to fit in the patient’s mouth. 3D technologies have been an indispensable asset for most dental professionals. 

Scan your patient’s mouth; design a model similar to aligner with exact openings for surgery. The products are created quickly on any dental 3D printer.

Future of dental 3D printing

3D printing is a rapidly growing industry that promises huge success in dental applications. Most of the companies are getting involved in creating such innovative dental products

Most of the dental professionals are receptive and open to the latest technologies. Few technologies may frighten them, but understanding the new work logic, getting trained in software, scanners and printers focus on creating an innovative treatment space. The future, therefore, concentrates on improving the safety and efficiency of their inventions.