Koden Long Beak Plier-Euphoria League

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Koden euphoria elague long beak or bird beak orthodontic pliers are best suited for forming springs, round or rectangle archwire upto 0.030m. It’s necessary for working up with round archwires. The tips may be in pyramid or cone shape. It’s a versatile plier for orthodontic heavy wire bending. The tips are extra-smooth to prevent wire scoring. At Koden, we provide highly sterilized perfect instruments for successful treatment!!

Product Name: Koden Long Beak Plier-Euphoria League

Commodity: Long Beak Plier

Manufactured by: Kck Dental Pvt. Ltd. 11/538, Pk Commercial Complex, Cherooty Rd, Kozhikode, Kerala 673032

Customer Care#04954050896

Qty:- 1 Long Beak Plier

Made in India


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